Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Transformed Tones: Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging.

Ack.Ick. Ugh. I have been terribly busy, bogged down by the muds of life. It's been like five years since I last posted. Sorry.

Let me kickstart this post by saying that the Confessions of Georgia Nicholson series is one of my all-time favorites. I whole-heartedly suggest you read these if you haven't. They are such good fun. Especially if you liked The Princess Diaries. The books, not the movies (obviously). Georgia cracks me up everytime I read them. She is just so zany and wacky. I seriously wish I could be her. Or at least have her friends. Or her boyfriends. I haven't finished the series yet; I think I'm on book 7. Actually, that's one of my reading goals this year. To finish that series, along with all the other ones I have started. I tend to start series that I never finish (but who doesn't have that problem, right?). Along that line, don't tell me who Georgia ends up with! The books will be so spoiled for me if I know; I will whip you. You have been warned.

So I have had Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging on my To Be Watched list for a while. I have been meaning to sign up for that Netflix subscription, but my money just never lets me get around to it. I have expensive habits, like reading. Luckily, TeenNick played this movie just a few days ago. I kicked my brother off the couch and hunkered down for some laughs. I knew I would love from the first few minutes. Let me set the scene for you: Georgia is dressed as an olive, walking down the sidewalk beside her dad's car. She doesn't want to get in because it would wreck her perfect creation, that she spent hours on. But when she comes to the costume party, she is surprised to see that her best mates are not dressed like the appetizers they should be. She angrily storms off, to the amazing tune of She's So Lovely by Scouting for Girls. I was in love.

The young actress who plays Georgia Nicholson (Georgia Groome) is absolutely perfect. Her face captures the right amount of sarcasm, while her acting gives just the right touch of over the top drama that is Georgia. She was perfect, and exactly how I imagined Georgia. Her friends didn't quite capture my image I made of them in the book. I thought Rosie was spot on: more mature and informed because she has a boyfriend, an older and foreign one at that. I wish we could have seen more of Sven's dancing. Jas was extremely off. They didn't quite get the 'boring' parts of Jas that the readers see from Georgia's point of view: Jas going on and on about Tom, their normal dates that Georgia always interrupts with her own drama, things like that. But altogether, I think the movie captured the whole dynamic of the friendships which worked. The girls are selfish but fun and silly, which makes them extra close and the kind of friends you wish for.

Sometimes movies don't quite read as well as the books. Almost of the time, the books blow the movies out of the water when you compare them. Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging is definately worth seeing, especially for my fellow Americans who may not have heard of the film. And ehmygawd!, was Robbie hawt.


  1. I haven't read this series but I did enjoy watching the movie... for many different reasons. =D

    Just found your blog at Bookworming In The 21st Century... and might I say, it's AWESOME. Keep up the good work. =D

  2. I have the first one, but I guess I need to actually read it!

  3. Aye.Me?: You should read the series because the movie and books are very similar. And thank you. I have been slacking lately, but I'm trying (:

    Lenore: You definately have to! Its a bit like a younger version of Bridget Jones Diary, which I also really enjoyed.



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