Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pretty Little Liars Television Series

8:00 o'clock on June the Eighth found me eagerly propped before the television, bowl of amazing ice cream in hand. I was prepared for my new favorite summer series.

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Pretty Little Liars was exactly what I expected it to be. I have watched many a ABC Family television series before, so I knew the general gist and feel of their shows. I am a bit of a seasoned pro. Surprisingly the television show followed the plot of Pretty Little Liars almost exactly. The show missed a few important plot points, like the party, but I am thinking those points will be covered in the next episode. At least that's what I'm hoping. Almost the whole plot of the first book was covered in the pilot. That means I will almost definately be spoiled sometime in the near future. I just hope it's later rather than sooner.

One of the things they changed was the amount of time that passed between Alison's disappearance and these events commencing. The change makes since from a financial stand point. Why hire a whole new set of girls for a measly five minutes when you can change one detail? I get why they did it, however I think it changes a few things. Alison hasn't disappeared too long ago. The powerful hold Alison has over her friends, even after her disappearance three years ago, isn't fully realized. Anyone would still be reeling after one year; three years might be enough time to put the past away. However, in the book the friendship was so dangerous and dynamic that the girls were still frightened of Alison, making her a much more shady and powerful character.

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I also think one year isn't enough time for their friendships to disintegrate. The friendship with Aria, perhaps, because she was gone for a year. But the other girls, I feel, would still be friends. In the show, Spencer and Hanna go shopping, but somehow they aren't friends anymore. This made no sense to me. Do other girls normally go shopping with non-friends? I don't. If I didn't really like someone, I would want to spend a few hours a day with them, especially when I'm tired after walking all day. And extra especially if I used to be friends with someone and we drifed apart. Then the whole situation would just be awkward.

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Aria Montgomery

Lucy Hale is not how I pictured Aria. I pictured a sun-darkened blonde with a ballerina's figure. And more bohemian clothes. Since when does a leather jacket equal bohemian? I thought this girl was going to Hanna when I saw the promos.

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Spencer Hastings

Sixteen this girl is not. She looks like she could play a thirty-year old. But she does seem like a perfectionist stick-up-her well you know where.

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Hanna Marin

Again, not anything like how I pictured Hanna. She's not mean or insecure enough either. I hope the writers elaborate on those character flaws soon.

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Emily Fields

Perfection. However, in what world are her outfits 'sporty'. I have never seen a jock where a miniskirt just hanging around. I hope the future shows feature her dedication to swimming more, and her loyalty to being a good girl for her parents. That is really the heart of Emily's conflicts.

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