Monday, June 7, 2010


(you're only supposed to watch like the first 20 seconds of this video)

That's not my favorite Terminator, by the way. I don't want you to think badly of me. After a much needed but much elongated hiatus, Amelia's back. While I didn't promise to come back like old Arny there did, I missed blogging too much. I felt like I had left before I had even got started. Hopefully, this time it will work out much better for me. I feel that it will.

There are few new updates. I have a new layout. It is rather girly, but I have a thing for Japanese-like prints. Do you think you can get over it? If you can't I might just have to find a new background. There will also be a new layout for review posts, but you will see more of that later. I can not be held responsible for how old reviews look, so go searching through the archives at your own risk. I have expanded the rating system from five stars to ten, which I feel reflects my own feelings better because I can be more specific. Also, take time to explore the new pages at the top of the page. One of them lists all the books I read during my hiatus and what rating I gave them, since I could not review them.

On the sidebar, you can now find links to the many places I am located. I now have a Twitter and a RSS feed. In addition to my old Goodreads, I have also joined Shelfari. Add me, and we'll have some fun!

Hopefully, I have some new and fun features once I am underway. My first post will be a review of the Dark Divine that should be up later today. Stay tuned!

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