Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Start Spreading the News

I am now officially back from my vacation, extremely sun burnt and bone tired. I epically failed at trying to finish the Wizard of Earthsea, but I did make progress on it. I will finish and review it this week, I promise. Scout's honor. My review of The Off Season by Catherine Gilbert Murdock should be up this week as well. This week will be rather slow because I still have packing to do, not to mention I have to work more to make up for the hours I missed last week. And I couldn't read hardly anything last week, which means I don't really have anything to review. Oh my...

I wanted to share a few trailers I have seen lately with you that have me very excited. I get a little apprehensive about my favorite books being turned into movies. There is so much that can go wrong, and I nitpick about everything that gets cut from the book. Harry Potter drives me crazy for this reason, even though lately the movies have been awesome as movies in their own right. We shall see, Deathly Hallows, we shall see.

The next one is for Flipped, a book I remember reading in elementary school. The book is so sweet and adorable, I absolutely flipped for it (hahaha). I highly recommend reading the book before seeing the movie (if you're that kind of person) even though the book is aimed for younger audiences. The movie looks sweet as candy, and I love the 50s look. Also, Stand By Me and When Harry Meet Sally are some of my favorite movies. I have high hopes for Flipped.

I have loved the previous Chronicles of Narnia movies, and the Dawn Treader trailer promises another fangirl squee coming from my corner of the theater when I see it. But I have a confession: I skipped over the Dawn Treader when I read the Chronicles of Narnia. I have the whole omnibus of the series, so I will definately be travelling back and finally finishing this one. I can't be out of the loop while I'm watching the movie. Hate that. Also, Lucy is SO OLD! OMG!

The next trailer is for a book I have never read, Never Let Me Go. I have had it on my To Be Read list for ages, it seems. However after seeing this trailer, I rushed over to my library's website and put it on hold. This trailer is amazing, and this book/movie has Amelia written all over it, in capital lettes in permanent marker. I usually adore everything Keira Knightley is in. She isn't my favorite actor, but she sure chooses amazing movies to act in.

I am obsessed with movies, so its a sure thing that I will see this eventually. Until then, I will be seeing Toy Story 3. I'll wait until Eclipse hits the dollar theater. It just isn't worth the full price. Obviously.

Maybe you are the one blog reader who hasn't heard of the anthology coming out later this year, Zombies vs. Unicorns. April of Good Books & Good Wine (Team Unicorn) and Sharon of Sharon Loves Books and Cats (Team Zombie) are battling it out this week over the classic debate of Zombies vs. Unicorns. For now, I am tentatively Team Unicorn because I have loved unicorns the longest. I really only began liking zombies when I watching Resident Evil two years ago. Before that time, I hated zombies with a passion.

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