Friday, October 30, 2009

a bad beginning.

"if you are interested in stories with happy endings,
you would be better off reading some other book."
- lemony snicket.

Hopefully my blog isn't like that! Maybe I shouldn't jinx myself, but I couldn't help titling my very first entry this way. I mean, this is a reading blog...

Welcome to Tin Heart Tomes. I hope you find what I like to read and my opinions on those books interesting enough to visit this blog. I will try to make it as exciting as possible, because I'm pumped about this blog. Just a little about my reading preferences: I will definately not always read the most current books; in fact, I will more than likely read completely obscure, ancient books. That's just the way I am, behind the trends. I love adventure, fantasy, girl heroes, YA, the usuals. But then I have also been known to swoon for the classics, so you never can tell what you will find here. I am a little rocky with the whole blogspot thing, so this blog is a work in progress. Fairy tales are a bit of a guilty pleasure for me as well, if you can't tell by the references to Hans Christian Anderson's 'The Steadfast Tin Soldier' that are plastered all over my page. I adore that story, especially the one-legged ballerina, although it is rather sad.

Hopefully, new book reviews will be up shortly. Once my head stops spinning from the whirlwind of adventure that starting a blog threw me into.

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