The ratings page is an informative center for more knowledge on my ratings system, for those readers who want to know exactly what I mean when I say 9 out of 10 and whatnot. Half ratings are not explained here; they are merely half steps for when I am torn between two ratings. It simply means that the book was not fully either rating, but somewhere in between.

10 out of 10: Everytime I open a book, I hope it will be like this. It made me want to dance in the streets and pass out to everyone I meet. I will definately buy this book, to cherish and reread through the years. The plot, characters, and writing were all fantastic, and my complaints died in the corner long before I finished the book.

9 out of 10: Very close to a ten, but yet so far away. This book was memorable, with unique and complex characters and plot. It is guaranteed that I would suggest this book to read.

8 out of 10: The flaws in this book are minor, but still worth noting. Despite the flaws, the book excels in characters in plot and merits reading.

7 out of 10: While the flaws are more evident in a seven rated book, the good outweighs the flaws. Still worth reading and a solid read.

6 out of 10: While the book was entertaining, there was nothing excellent in between the pages. While some parts of the book worked, too many other fell flat. Worth reading, but don't move to the top of your reading pile.

5 out of 10: Truly unexceptional. It is mediocre. You can read it or forget it, and really not suffer either way.

4 out of 10: This book is terrible but not utterly so. The characters and plot were not good, but there was a glimmer of hope that kept me going until the end.

3 out of 10: I suffered through this book because, while it was terrible, there was one or two things that could be praised. Small things. I also wanted to say that I could finish it.

2 out of 10: Not the worst thing I have ever read, but damn near close. Probably not worth the paper it was printed one. Too many flaws to count, and the ends did not justify the means, ie. not worth the time spent reading to reach the end.

1 out of 10: A waste of time and money. A terrible book. I only finished it so I could rant about the monstrosities inside. I would throw the book against the wall if I caught you reading it.


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